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Subaru Engine Conversion Tips & Info
Subaru Wiring Harness Conversion Info
Cooling System Design & Installation
Exhaust, Intake System, Engine Hangers, etc
Transmission Selection & Build Tips
Swingaway Spare & Hitch System

Our mission? Keep as many beloved VW Bay Window Buses out of storage lots, out of garages, and safely on the road, as we can.

The experiences we’ve had with our sweet old bus, Guanella, and the people we’ve met along the way have shaped our lives in unforgettable ways. And since we know we can’t bring every bus out there back to life, we figure maybe we can help you bring yours back through sharing our knowledge, sharing technical info for doing Subaru conversions, and offering second-to-none products that help you get to the point where you can hop in your sweet old bus, turn the key, and find. your. adventure.

Welcome. Buckle up. Let’s do this!

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