MBC “Around the World” Vehicle Speed Sensor Kit (Manual Transaxle)


Need to deliver a clear, consistent vehicle speed signal to the ECM in your Subaru conversion? This is the unit you want!

Read the full description below for more info, watch the video if you’re still curious, add it to your cart, and get ready to roll in style!

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Modern Bay-equipped buses start, run and drive, and look like no other Bay Window Bus on the planet.

They’re made to go around the world, and with each turn of the wheel, our Vehicle Speed Sensor shows it!

The Modern Bay Co. “Around the World” Vehicle Speed Sensor was specifically designed for use on our Subaru-converted Bay Window Buses, delivering a clean, consistent signal to the Subaru ECM to ensure your Subaru engine not only runs properly but also that you don’t get fault codes or stalling issues when coming to a stop (which often happens when VSS’s are not used or poorly emulated).

The mount for the sensor itself securely bolts to the transaxle with not one, but two bolts in the stock clutch cable tube guide location on 091 and 002 manual transmissions. The ‘speed ring’, with our famous little buses on it going around and around the world, mile after mile, mounts on the axle using the stock bolts.

We’ve used low-grade sensors, we’ve iterated on different mounting points and styles, and after tens of thousands of miles of testing, this kit is ready for use in your bus.

If you’re doing a Subaru Conversion in your Bay Window VW Bus with the manual transmission, this is the Vehicle Speed Sensor you want. Perfect function, with a bit of style.

Please select your transmission before purchasing. Thank you!

See more information about our VSS unit and how to install it by viewing the video below.