Starter for David




Our ‘TORQUE MONSTER’ Modern Bay Company starter adapters were specifically R&D’d for use on our Subaru-converted Bay Window Buses, and they’ll give your swanky new Subaru motor the maximum starting torque possible.

They also clock the starter in a position that gives maximum clearance for larger, upgraded battery cables and for working underneath the bus with the stock fuel tank inlet and outlet lines.

Basically, if you’re doing a Subaru Conversion in your Bay Window VW Bus, this is the starter kit you want.

Each adapter is precision-machined from a solid billet of aluminum and comes with a lifetime guarantee. These units are simple to install (following the instructional video on our YouTube channel). They also include the highest-quality Bosch Starter available, as well as all necessary mounting hardware.

Be sure to select your transmission to get the correct unit for your application.

See more information on the install by viewing the video below!