Modern Bay Co. LED Engine Bay Lighting Kit for VW Bay Window Bus


Disclaimer: Angels may start singing out of no discernible place when you open your engine bay with this kit setup in there.

This is the Modern Bay Co. LED Engine Bay Lighting Kit. It’s amazing. Read more below for more info, watch the video if you’re still curious, add it to your cart, and LET THERE BE LIGHT!!

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Look,  you all know that I like to get colorful with our product descriptions around here. But I’m going to just give it to you straight on this one:

It 1) helps make your engine bay look awesome, and 2) helps you see where your 10mm socket went at night (should you have the need to fiddle with your engine).

I don’t know how many lumens this thing puts out. Likely around 1.21 Jigawatts. I do know that when you and your buddies are standing around the parking lot at night smoking the doobies and talking about your beat, old Volkswagens, and you saunter over and casually open your engine bay like it’s no big deal, the closest corollary I can come up with for what happens is…..the blinding gates of heaven being opened.

I mean, not that this light is so bright it literally blinds you or anything, because it definitely doesn’t have THAT many lumens, and it tucks nicely up inside the bay out of the way, but because it’s just so….dang…BEAUTIFUL 😭😭😭.

See more information about the snazzy MBC Engine Bay Lighting Kit, and how to install it, by viewing the video below.